Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Felicity Show

Some months it just seems like a particular child has the spotlight. Looking back, March was all about Felicity. So many pictures of Felicity. Generally with her creations and buildings. She even won a free painting class from the library's winter reading program. The girl was charmed all month.
When we weren't looking at the cutest four-year-old in the house, we were probably all eyes on Simon...he's been our focus for months and months, as you can tell. Won't give up his 15 minutes of fame that easily.
It's especially crazy when you love your little brother so much you try to be him. (How did Miriam manage to zip a size 12 month coat on her 8 year old body!?!)

But come to think of it, the oldest two girls had their fair share of attention smothering them too. We had our two week Spring Break! All those extra hours having them home each day!!! Kids are so much work. So. Much. Work. Just the constant demand to be fed. This is no joke - just this evening as Mommy put Felicity and Vivian to bed they claimed to be hungry. They had eaten an entire, huge dinner and two helpings of dessert. More food!?! Nope. No. Mom's clocking out, checking out, kitchen's closed. Bar's closed, too. They're work in many, many ways (some of those ways are significantly more complicated than food) and doesn't it seem so easy to screw up parenting? Yet we adore them, we cherish them, we watch them sleep, eat, run, laugh, cry, play, bathe, fight, learn. We just love them and even the hard moments are precious to us. We'd hit the rewind and live it all over again to keep them little and close. So every extra minute, all the school breaks...they're ours.

This Spring Break we had no big travel plans, but a couple day trips. We went to Battle Creek - complete with a stop at Horrocks for a pint and groceries. 
The real reason we were in town: Tim and his dad took possession of the '57 Chevy Monte Carlo that his aunt had owned. It's a classic now and so well taken care of that no restoration is required. 
Aunt Shirley and Papa inspect the car
It's extra special to Phil because he actually walked it though the factory assembly line as it was being made. 
Great Aunt Shirley and Uncle Roger - two peas in a pod
Now Tim and his dad will get to take it to the many classic car events in our area. Tim loves old cars. And he loves his dad. So this car is a gift that will keep giving for years and years.
Over Spring Break we went roller skating as a family for the first time. Vivian has been a couple times for friends' birthdays. It was harder for Felicity and Miriam than either of them expected. There were tears. Felicity's backside ached for days. But they want to go back to practice some more. Love that they won't give up. Roller skating for Simon meant riding around in this little car. By the end of the night when we had to give it back...more tears.
The kids and Mommy took day trip to Toledo to visit the zoo with Aunt Annette and Aunt Bridget and the cousins. It turned out to be a great weather day and we basically had the zoo to ourselves. Plus the zoo recently opened a really hands-on, lovely aquarium. We would absolutely do this again...but then we're pretty likely to say yes to anything that involves hanging out with family.
Spring Break in Indiana was peaceful and the weather was perfect for playing outside. 
Welcome, Spring. We are so happy you're here.

Monday, June 4, 2018

In the name of love

February. The month of love. Valentine's Day and our anniversary. 9 years this past February. We celebrated by going out to a couple new breweries in Fort Wayne. 
You know who seems to get the most love around here? You know. Simon. Who do the girls want to see the minute they get off the bus? Simon. Who does Mommy take too many pictures of? Simon. Who does Felicity beg to see the minute he wakes up? Simon.
First smoothie.
Favorite toy-that-belongs-to-Elijah
Something's off here.
Yes, apparently he doesn't get proportions yet.
BFFs + Super Mom
Yup, that sums up the Simon life.

So in other February news...there was e-learning. WE LOVE e-learning. These are our bonus days. The girls are home and we don't have to make up school for bad weather. We just do the school work at home. It's a lovely, lovely thing.
On a relatively warm afternoon, we went up to Pokagon for a hike through the woods. These peaceful times as a family are going to be memories we'll cherish. When people say, "You're going to miss these days" they're right. We will miss the days we stopped everything to just enjoy our children. 
 Mommy and Aunt Bridget took Simon, Elijah, and Felicity to the botanical gardens in Fort Wayne. It's an annual trip that let's us pretend it's summer for a day with warm, fresh air and play that feels almost outdoors.
Tim took Vivian to a friend's birthday party at the local roller skating rink. She really enjoyed it and is getting pretty quick on those skates. Just has to figure out how to balance on them and she'll be ready to let go of the trainer!
AND speaking of love...we love Aunt Bridget! Her birthday is in February and we surprised her with a family birthday party! The Canadian family members even came!!
A quick, lovely post for a short, lovely month.