Saturday, March 10, 2018

December Bonus

There's just a bit of December left to share after Christmas. But it deserves recognition. Like when Claire came bearing gifts...cozy socks and Trolls cups and your-first-remote-control-truck and chocolates...she's a pretty amazing gift buyer.
Or the many days Simon still would not leave the tree alone. Those ornaments were his weak spot...drawing him in and calling to be rearranged again.
Aunt Maria and Miriam spent some quality time making cake together during Christmas Break. This was a really special occasion for Miriam! Aunt Maria all to herself...another milestone marking how mature she is already.
Sarah's cousins and Aunt Maria came over for a Barbie party! Our girls absolutely love this tradition!
Uncle Michael spent some quality time with us on New Year's Eve. He gets them giggling and is never afraid to be a kid with them. Probably why they love him so much.
And that's December. That's 2017. Another year of our kids being surrounded by good, good people who love them to bits.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Most wonderful time of the year

A Christmas Haiku
Wellman Christmas Eve
Vivian got a pogo stick
Bouncy, blurry bliss
Eating and eating, celebrating Elijah's first birthday, opening gifts, and a Christmas Eve Mass that was overflowing...
Christmas had officially arrived!
The girls woke up groggy after all the fun of Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's. Sleepy enough that they let us take a few pictures before attacking the stockings.
The girls moved all the gifts from under the tree in the office to neatly sorted stacks around the fireplace. This year Miriam used her good behavior "money" from school to purchase each family member a gift. She was so, so excited to give these gifts. She protected them fiercely from Simon - no peaking and no destroying the wrapping she had carefully done in the classroom! Christmas morning when she gave her gifts and watched as we opened them, her Mom and Dad enjoyed watching this new side of Miriam. This older Miriam grasped the real joy of giving. Getting presents is fun, of course. But the giving - the Santa Claus generosity, the Son born as one of us to save us - she was coming into that understanding this Christmas. A new kind of delight was born in her.
Now, more fully alert, they opened their gifts with glee. It seemed they were just as excited to see what each other received as they were to open their own packages.
Tim made Sarah these unique copper bracelets! Pretty impressive!
After everything was revealed, the girls gathered their loot and arranged it. They spent an hour or so comparing and examining.
Simon cuddled with his parents - always his favorite gift.
Tim's parents came for lunch, the girls finally got dressed, and we spent the rest of the day playing! Tim and Simon took long naps in the afternoon. Mommy read and had a glass of wine. The girls watched a movie. Pure relaxation on a White Christmas.
It was about as perfect as a Christmas could be.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

December (according to Simon)

December was a big month for me. I started walking. Everyone had been trying to get me to take a step for months and I wasn't interested. I could keep up with the older sisters by crawling. I'm a fast crawler. Sometimes I put my head down and go into Turbo Mode and can sprint-crawl about as fast as those girls run. So walking seemed unnecessary. Except if I want to see over the edge of the table or carry things as I go.
So I walked. And then ran.

I still take two naps a day. I love bottles, baths, and Goldfish.
I have a suspicion that the family is doing fun things without me while I sleep.
I have repeatedly heard my sisters begging Dad to play Bugs in the Kitchen with them after he puts me to bed. They are obsessed with whatever this is...but honestly I'm too tired by bedtime to try to figure out what's going on.
Speaking of fun things: one day I was napping and when I woke up there was a Christmas tree! So shiny. So many things to touch. I tried to keep my hands off it. I would think about touching it and then shake my head and pull my hand back.
But! So shiny!
It seemed like every day of December I was caught messing with the tree. I wasn't trying to hurt it...I only broke two ornaments. And I figured out this trick where I could pull the tops off them. I liked to make piles of ornaments and piles of tops. Then my parents would catch me and kick me out of the office again. I suspect they put the tree in there to keep me away from it but my sisters were kind enough to leave the door open and let me explore.
When I wasn't rearranging the Christmas ornaments, I like to sit on the couch. There's a better view up there.
And we got to go see the girls at school a couple times. Once to eat lunch with them on Vivian's baptism anniversary. She actually lost a tooth that day.
That Viv. She is really the funniest person I know. And the smartest. I mean, look at this example of her brain at its finest! Dad is the best. I love when he comes home! And watching him fix things!
Another time we went to Mass because Miriam received a Virtue Award for Purity. Well deserved. Miriam is always trying to do what is right. She has a soul that wants to please God.
Plus there was the Christmas Program. I can't say I remember much of it. Too busy squirming and being passed around.
Let's see. Other good stuff...I'm the master of stirring things. Truly. I can stir any container with any utensil! I attack the dishwasher when Mom cleans it out for spoons and bowls. If the girls let me in the playroom I go after the food toys and stir whatever I can find in there. I love when Mom holds me while she cooks. The best is the Kitchenaid Mixer...Mom turns it on and I could watch it spin for an hour. AUTOMATIC stirring. Ah.Maze.Ing.
Also, Grandpa's birthday. I ate cake.
And hung out with Elijah. We cleaned up Grandma's refrigerator. It's a thing we do together.
Miriam made her first Reconciliation. We were at the church for a while, but they let me pace the pews so that was alright.
You know, the only thing I didn't like about December was the snow. My sisters seem to love it. I don't get it. I cry until Mom carries me around and then takes me inside again.
Then at the end of December, life changed. It got more full...more people were around, the girls were more excited. A stranger dressed in red came to our house.
We made cookies. The Kitchenaid mixer was involved so I stayed close to whoever was using it.
And I ate a cookie. Or two. Isn't Aunt Maria so impressive with her decorating skills?
We went to the PJ party at church. My sisters were counting down the days until this party. At first we just wore pajamas and Mom took about twenty pictures. Not exciting. But when I got there I could see why they love this party so much. We ate pizza. And lots of candy. And played games. And people held me pretty much the entire time.
Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing
So there's more to say about December, but I'll let someone else talk about that. It's time for a bottle and bed.