Saturday, March 12, 2016


There's no hiding it any longer. These girls are spoiled rotten. The non-stop attention showered on them is reaching new levels of adoration.
Three of Sarah's cousins and her sister came over with all of their own childhood baby toys to play with the girls. They dressed up and played for hours. Miriam, Vivian, and Felicity were in little girl heaven. And the "big girls" seemed to be having a pretty wonderful time, too. Nostalgia makes you shameless it seems...and very joyful.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Our Best Kind of People

We live with the best kind of people. And we know the best kind of people. Surely there are people like our people all over the world. If you have some of them, we couldn't be happier for you! But these are our people who we know and who know us (and love us anyways). 

Our families. And especially Baby Catherine, right now, because the girls are about obsessed with her.
Although the feeling isn't always mutual.
 Naturally, we think our three little girls are phenomenal. (It could be the genetics.)
Vivian got her new glasses! Pretty adorable!
These girls are funny and fun, wild and brave. They say and do the silliest write fish-sized books for the fish to make sure she doesn't get too bored.
They're creative and truly care about each other. Lately they just want to wear matching clothes. Felicity likes to tuck the older two into their beds before she'll climb into her own bed. And we can hear Miriam and Vivian chatting until they fall asleep.
And our friends. God has blessed us with some truly wonderful friendships. The kind of people who just get us.
Mommy was lucky enough to host her college friends and many of their families a couple of weekends back. It was lovely to see them all and learn about their lives. It had been a year and a half since we'd all been together and our time catching up was a gift. We tried to squeeze in a lot that weekend - trips to the park and winery, drinks and food, a little sleep, getting to know all these new little children, games, a birthday celebration. It went too quickly and can't come again soon enough.
Thank you, Lord, for these best kinds of people that You've given us. You know we don't deserve them and You know how grateful we are for them. Amen.