Thursday, December 8, 2016

Into the Fold

Simon was baptized Thanksgiving weekend...we needed to pack another family event into those four days while everyone was in town!

Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom are Simon's godparents...a second priest-godfather in this house! Should make for holy kids, right?!?! We're counting on it...
Tom con-celebrated the Mass with Fr. Tim, our new pastor, which made it extra special for Simon's initiation into the Church.
Simon was well-behaved. His sister's tried to be, as well...
...but you know how that can go. 
Fr. Tim loves babies and holds Simon every chance he gets.
Which is funny, because Fr. Tom also LOVES babies and wants to hold Simon every chance he gets.
 Maybe someday Aunt Annette will have a turn holding Simon.
Welcome to the Family, Little Simon!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Miriam: Age 7

Miriam turned seven years old the day after Thanksgiving. SEVEN!!! We celebrated on Thanksgiving day. Mema's birthday is the day after Miriam's, so these two often get to share their birthday fun. Nana made sure everyone had their dessert of choice. Miriam asked for brownies with strawberries. Chocolate + Strawberries has long been Miriam's favorite flavor combo.
Miriam is very responsible and helpful. She gets her homework done pretty independently each evening, can clean out the dishwasher and take out the trashes on her own, reads to Felicity, and loves to draw pictures or write love notes to her parents and teacher. Her 1st grade teacher tells Mommy frequently what a sweet girl Miriam is to her classmates. Miriam's favorite center at school is the Prayer Corner. When a friend's family was dealing with the recent hurricane in Florida, Miriam's friend asked Miriam to join her in the Prayer Corner where they prayed a decade of the rosary together. We love the faith that is beginning to grow and become something Miriam claims as her own.
Miriam has a great sense of humor. And when she's comfortable with the company, she can be really goofy and giggly. She's an adventurous eater, loves to play Barbies and ride her bike (without training wheels!!), and still seems happiest when she's outdoors - even as a tiny baby, Miriam loved the outdoors.
For all the ways she seems older than 7, she still does funny "little kid" things. This week she told Mommy, "I can't wait until I'm in 4th grade and can dress up as a saint and go to the casino."
Mommy stared at her in shock for a second before realizing Miriam's mistake. "You mean Coliseum!" All the 4th grade Catholic School students in our diocese dress up as saints and trek to the Coliseum in Fort Wayne for an All School Mass. Miriam's slip up gave us a good laugh! 
Miriam and Daddy went to a hibachi grill for their birthday date. She ate so much that when her birthday ice cream came at the end of the meal she was only able to eat a bite or two! 

Happy 7th Birthday, Miss Miri Pants. We love you.