Monday, June 26, 2017


Sometimes I think we could break the Internet with pictures that demonstrate how much these children are loved. Holidays, surrounded by extended family, truly bring that into sharp focus.
Easter morning the girls were up early to paw through their Easter baskets, like probably every child in our time zone. Since Simon was still sleeping, they "helped" him discover what the bunny had brought for him.
We quickly dressed them and trotted off to church where, as we do most Sundays, we sat with Tim's parents. Felicity, just being herself, whispered to me as soon as she sat, "WOW! Look at the flowers. I need to tell Father how pretty they are!" That girl just sees the best in everything. Then we came home for brunch and an attempt at Easter pictures. Simon just wasn't interested.
Then Papa and Tim hid Easter eggs in the yard. Nana had made a very special color-coordinated egg hunt! Each girl had a pretty Easter basket and her own color of eggs to find. 
Inside the eggs were candy or slips of paper with instructions to "Give Daddy a hug!" or "Go to Papa for a surprise!" (The surprise was a big chocolate bunny!)
Then the girls hid the eggs again for Nana and Mommy and Daddy to hunt for OVER and OVER again! It was just so fun to play with them. We just feel so busy and a morning set aside to play with them and enjoy their innocence is something we treasure.

After Simon's nap, we went to Sarah's Aunt Carolyn's house for supper. And another Easter egg hunt. And so much love for these four little people. 
So much.
Anytime we looked around, our kids were sitting on someone's lap and giggling.
Even Simon was being passed around and bounced to contentment.
If every kid had a childhood like this, we would have world peace.