Sunday, July 16, 2017

May 2017

May had all the normal stuff...extended family hangouts/hikes/cuddles.
Plus the end-of-year field trips that Daddy loves to chaperone.
Also the just-popping-by to check out friends' adorable baby chicks. The girls were so, so in love with these little fluff balls. On the way home Miriam was saying, "Oh! those chicks were SO cute, Mom!!" A wild turkey crossed the road and Miriam immediately said, "Oh! Look it's SO cute!" Nope. If you've ever seen a wild turkey, then you'll agree, Nope. But her brain was stuck on baby-chick-cute and we all had to laugh at her.
Simon was beginning to really crawl in May, eating more pureed foods, taking a trip to the zoo, and making a few turns around the yard on the lawn mower with Daddy. By the end of the month he was already seven months old! Hair was starting to come in, but it's very blond...hardly noticeable to the naked eye.
All of the sudden the school year was over. With a new baby to take care of, we can't begin to describe how very quickly that went. Miriam and Vivian both adored their teachers. Sometimes arguing over whose teacher is best. Viv told Mommy after the year end award ceremony, "Mom, Miss Hoersten is probably the best teacher I'll ever have. And I don't mean just in first grade or Kindergarten. I mean in my whole life." Vivian does throw around compliments so this was VERY high praise.
We're convinced they are both phenomenal women. Lucky for us, we have more kids to send through the school and get to keep them in our lives a while longer.
 The last day of school transitioned very easily into...
 ...relaxing at the lake.
At the end of the dock were fish beds which made for some easy fishing for our girls. They realized quickly that no pole and bait were necessary. Just dipping a net from the dollar store in the water brought up a fish...and so much shrieking and squealing from those three little girls as it flopped. It's a catch and release system but those fish still haven't learned.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

All Mommy wanted for Mother's Day this year was a good picture of our family. All looking at the camera. All smiling. That's it. We got so close. But Simon was just dying to get his hands on that tree behind us.
Then the girls lost interest.

Well that and The Magnolia Journal

At least one of those wishes came true!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Packing it in...

Since we covered Easter and Felicity's birthday it really seems like there shouldn't be anything else we need to say about April.

But there's somehow more to share. Simon was taking bad, bad naps but starting to sleep better at night. 
Starting to sit up a little,
ruling the family from his wheeled throne,
rolling to get anywhere he needed to be, and loves being naked 
enjoying solids...even eating a bit of chicken,
and watching spinning ceiling fans. 
 And he started seeing the chiropractor...if you don't care why then feel free to scroll down...
But if you care why, here's why. Vivian had tubes put in her ears at 8 months old. And it changed her life. She had bi-monthly ear infections for many months and we did so, so many rounds of antibiotics with her. It still makes me feel a little sick just thinking about all the chemicals we pumped into her little body just trying to make her NOT hurt. She would wake up screaming at night with blood coming out of her ears from burst ear drums starting at just four months old. Those tubes were the best thing we could have done for that child. 

And when Simon finished his second round of antibiotics for ear infections when he was four months old, Sarah said, "What can we do to avoid ALL that Vivian went through?" Tim's family offered two solutions: essential oils and the chiropractor. And Sarah nodded and smiled and thought it can't hurt to try some witch doctoring, I guess. Well gosh darn it. Some diluted lavender essential oils rubbed on the boy's ears, behind the ears, and along the jaw line did seem to offer some relief. And then the chiropractor. If you're reading this Dr. sorry to be such a doubter. 

As Simon was being adjusted the first time, DARK GREEN yuck just starts flowing out of his nose like two rivers of yuck. And for the following two days Sarah sucked more goo out of Simon's face. So much that she almost took a picture to document just HOW MUCH gross was stuck in his face. But then decided maybe taking a picture of your child's snot was the line-to-not-cross. Except Dr. Ron said he would have wanted to see it. Too bad.

Anyways, it helped a lot. He didn't cry and grump more than smile and be content anymore! He started sleeping better at night. He was spitting up less. We haven't done any medicine for ears since March, people! If you've got a baby who has hurting ears, try the lavender essential oils and chiropractor before you jump baby into a third round of antibiotics. It worked for us.
Simon also got some QT with his bestest cousin Elijah.
Will this be embarrassing for them in the future???
Daddy also had a little fun in April...between cuddles with his kids
and checking out a local Coffee and Cars event.
Lots of cars with other people who like cars? Sign Tim up.
AND he got to take the two oldest girls to their school's Father Daughter Dance!! Dad's have all the fun.
Well, our girls were having plenty of fun, too.
That's not a doll, that's their brother.
But he really does seem to love all the attention.
Painting a local mural for our small town
and painting some pavers for their fairy garden.
Miriam's says, "Family is one of God's greatest gifts."
Losing teeth like little teeth factories.
Miriam in her happy place...reading!
And the wildflowers in our woods were on full display. We pick them and identify them with the help of Google. Many have fun names like squirrel nuts and dutchman's britches. Or maybe those are the names we came up with...
Daddy also assembled the sandbox Grandpa and Grandma gave them for Christmas!
Of course we did a touch of traveling. Once to Canada to celebrate Easter with Sarah's sister and her family.
And an afternoon at Uncle Michael's lake!
Which made it feel like school is almost out and summer is almost here. And we love us some summer getting to have our kids all to ourselves!