Friday, October 31, 2014

So far today...

Sometimes having small kids really close together in age is really fun. Really, really fun. And sometimes, it's not. Today is leaning toward the not fun. It's Halloween, a kid holiday and that SHOULD mean we're having all kinds of fun.
This was yesterday.
Except Vivian vomited. And let's just say that she got it on the carpet and kitchen floor and then into a more appropriate spot. And that BOTH of her sisters walked through it. And that Felicity wouldn't stay out of it. So Felicity basically (after being cleaned) got dumped into her crib and told to go to sleep. Which she did, eventually. Vivian took a shower, Miriam's feet were cleaned, the floors were scrubbed, and bedding is being washed (not because it's also disgusting but because Mommy hates the idea of germs maybe living there). 

Now Vivian says she's feeling fine and wants a glass of milk. No, no milk for you, dearest. Is she sick? Did breakfast disagree with her? Is there anyway to know? Not yet...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sarah's 31st Annual Birthday

Mommy turned 31 a couple of weeks ago, firmly cementing that she is old enough to drive a minivan and never get carded anymore. AND some other wonderful things happened! First, Uncle Michael left Iraq and is relatively out of harms way. Able to breathe normally again (and wishing that were more of an exaggeration).

Second, Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom came for a surprise birthday celebration! We were so glad to get to see them and spent any moment we could with them.
BONUS! Aunt Bridget came home for the weekend a few days later. The party never stops!
And last but NOT least, Daddy arrived home with an armful of goodies.
This will go down in history as one of Mommy's favorite birthdays.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ground Breaking!

Today, earlier than expected, we had ground breaking! No time for gold shovels or ribbon cutting ceremonies or a shot gun start. They unloaded the big trucks and got right to it. Daddy was working, but Mommy was able to take the girls over to the land to check it out. They were content just watching the heavy machinery and the dirt moving. Felicity said, "TWUK!" (Truck.) on repeat for five minutes. Mommy took as many pictures as seemed reasonable - the construction workers were watching and they don't need to think she's nuts already.
Just about six more months now (and endless pictures of the progress...buckle down, everyone, it's happening)! SO exciting!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Doing Everything

Have you been reading the news? If so, you can't have missed the suffering that's happening in our world right now. Those who are sick, suffering, and dying. Those who are lonely, lost, and hopeless. Those who are being persecuted and martyred - even the most innocent. And sometimes it's hard not to feel afraid and helpless despite Jesus' command and assurance to NOT be afraid. We can beg God to have mercy on all these hurting people and to swoop down and save them, but to be perfectly honest those prayers just don't seem like enough right now. We can give more, but there are just some it won't reach fast enough. We can do more, but we can't uproot our children and put them in harms way. It's all, clearly, beyond our control. But with these feelings, we are grateful.

For healthy, active children.
For the men and women protecting our freedoms and the freedoms of people so many miles away.

For our mental health. For a warm home that's not under attack or in a refugee camp. For so much more.

Because these gifts are not the reality of so many people. We're spoiled, it's no secret. By loving family members and stable work and friendships. By a stocked pantry and means to buy more at the well supplied grocery. By a good God, a family of faith in our home town, and a country that is free. By an imperfect marriage that is full of love and trust.

We're blessed, in spite of our small, petty, perceived suffering. And in faith, we're praying for all those who are crying out, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me." 

"Don't ever say, 'All I can do is pray.' Prayer is not a small thing; it is everything."

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Little Miracle Happened

Becca and Eric had their baby!! They have waited so long for a baby to hold! Their own little miracle of life.
Here he is! It was BOY: Leo! That means Mommy actually guessed CORRECTLY. Kinda amazing - another miracle, if you will. Maybe three girls in, she's finally getting good at this.
In any case, we got to visit him in the hospital and cuddle him and he is the sweetest thing! Felicity didn't even get too jealous when Mommy had her turn with Leo. That right there is a miracle, too.
Look how thrilled Vivian is to hold Leo! She just LOVES him so much!
 Tim dressed to match Leo. So tiny!
Miriam could have just eaten him up! Felicity, too, if Eric hadn't given her a Dum Dum. Their whole family is home and healthy now...and soon we're going over there to squeeze him again!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Felicity: 18 Months

Fah-Wiss. That's what we call her. Or Fil. Or Fillis. She is 18 months old (already). October 6th, Mommy told Miriam and Vivian that it was Felicity's half birthday. The older girls cheered and clapped and sang for her (they LOVE a good half birthday). Felicity, apparently very aware of what a birthday is, ran into the kitchen yelling, "CAKE! Cookies! CAKE!" No, sorry chica, we don't do cake at 8 AM in this house.

In honor of her half birthday, she got her first haircut. She needed it pretty badly; it was hanging in her eyes and starting to look a like a mullet gone wrong. But Mommy hates that first haircut. It's like they lose something baby-ish and really are toddlers.
But Mommy sat her down and got to work.
 Felicity really didn't mind the process at all.
 And if Mommy squished those cheeks enough she pretty much held still.
 Half way there...
It was snipping off the back that made Mommy sad. All those baby hairs were a little bit curly and so sweet.
Now she looks like a pretty toddler (and an Amish boy??)!
Other Felicity tidbits:
  • Will eat fruits and veggies...but her first choice is still PASTA. And cookies.
  • Talks and talks and talks. Mostly gibberish but we're starting to understand most of what she's trying to get out even if the rest of the population probably can't.
  • Mommy is still her favorite thing. She prefers Mommy holding her, reading to her, putting her to bed, feeding her, cuddling her. The other two wanted Daddy at this age, so it's kinda fun for Mommy to be so loved now!
  • She HATES to be in trouble. Telling her NO or using any kind of a firm voice in her direction brings her to tears.
  • So sensitive to others feelings. If Miriam or Viv are hurt or in trouble, she is there to comfort them.
  • Loves, loves, loves to read books and be read to.
  • Has to give her sisters and anyone else who may be at home a kiss and tell them goodnight before every nap and bedtime.
  • Still takes two naps a day.
  • Blocks are her favorite toy, but she's really into scribbling on paper. Because that is what her sisters love to do!
  • Monday is her favorite day because the garbage truck comes and it fascinates her!
  • Loves dresses, dress up clothes, shoes, and necklaces. Anything fancy is just right for Felicity.

Monday, October 6, 2014

K's Wedding (AKA 24+ hours of sugar for the girls)

Let us begin by saying that Aunt Bridget and soon-to-be-Uncle Ryan were with the girls for the 28ish hours that Mommy and Daddy were in Columbus for Kristin and Aaron's wedding. It was, without exaggeration, 28 hours of pure sugar for our girls. They did not complain. They still rejoice in the silliness and junk food; dreaming of the day when their parents leave them with the sugar suppliers again.
Ice cream and donuts (some with GUMMY WORMS) on repeat for hours and hours.
Selfie with the chocolate iced, cream filled donut
And three hours away...Mommy and Daddy celebrated Kristin and Aaron and marriage. And got to see ALL the Xavier girls and their men.
To say the least, Kristin (and Aaron) planned out every beautiful detail of their big day. 
Even the parts they couldn't control were perfect! Lovely blue skies at the prettiest venue in downtown Columbus...
...and a fabulous sunset.
Sarah cannot begin to say how happy it made her to see all these wonderful women again. It's literally been years since we've seen some of them and the reunion was so sweet. 
Husman 210 re-united. Freshman Year. Random Roommates. Soul Sisters.
Jenna, Stef, Sarah, Amanda, Amber (and baby girl), Alexis
ALL of the best.
Ah! So happy!
But the wedding! They cut the cake (and were NICE about it!),
fed the crowd, listened to the speeches, and let the party happen.
Maybe they could have a first anniversary vow renewal!?!?! We need to do this again. SOON.