Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How We Met

A blog we follow is hosting a link up for all the love stories. And you know how we are about love stories...

Note: Every picture in this post is from 2007, the year we met. And the reason we look so very young.

Mostly, we're doing this for posterity. Perhaps someday our children will care how their Daddy and Mommy met. So here's the rest of the story.


Turns out, Sarah met Tim before they actually met. Sarah was helping to start up a youth group at her parish after graduating from college. Tim was helping lead a very large youth group on the other side of town. So Sarah and the other youth leaders went to check out the program at the other parish. That night, Tim acted like Lewis Black. Which is to say he jumped around and yelled a lot. Interesting first impression.


Back at the new youth group a few months later: Sarah asked a friend, Nate, to come help out with an evening program. At the end of the night, Nate asked Sarah and her friend Elizabeth if they wanted to go to a party. "Sure, but I've got another friend, Evan, in town tonight, too. Can he come?" Yes. Directions to the party were given. Friends meet up, drive to party. 

On the way, Evan asks, "So how do we know these people?" 

"Um, well, actually we don't reallllllly." But Sarah promises that if there isn't beer at the party, they'd leave.

Knock on the door.

"Hello...I'm Tim. You must be Nate's friends. Do you want a beer?"

And that, children, is how you find love. It was a housewarming party for the home that Tim had just purchased. We stayed until 2 in the AM. And if you know your mother at all, you know that this was remarkable.  The morning after the party, Tim was ecstatic to find Sarah on Facebook - just a wee bit of recon occurred.

This was followed by messages exchanged on Facebook and hanging out with the church's young adult group. Your parents each thought the other was smart, witty, charming, not bad to look was time.


Did you know there is such a thing as a "pre-date"? Yes, children, it does exist. Just as Nessie and Leprechauns are real, so too is the pre-date.

At the beginning of May 2007, via those Facebook messages, your parents met for dinner after work on a Tuesday. Mom thinking it was a date. Dad certain this was a pre-date. An interview, of sorts. But he ended up picking up the bill. So we know who won that one...

Back to the story. They met for dinner. And talked for hours. Literally talked and laughed until they were the last ones left in the place. The manager finally came up to the booth, "We're not kicking you out, but we planned on moving this booth around tonight after closing. If you guys wouldn't mind moving over to that booth, we'll bring out a free dessert." Deal. We moved and ate the MOST FABULOUS bread pudding that has ever been created. And we don't like bread pudding and won't eat it anywhere else.

First Date

Tim asked Sarah on a real first date. Let the record show, he's a good date planner. Cinco de Mayo 2007. She was living with her parents (in their basement, to complete the cliche) and he came to pick her up. Luckily no one was home at the time so he wasn't subjected to the game 10 Million Questions for a Potential Suitor

He didn't like country music, but had the only "country" CD he owned playing in the car. Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines. Sarah didn't actually know any of the music. But was very impressed by the effort. Off to the Mall. Where Tim bought Sarah a cowgirl hat to memorialize her love of country music and wear to the RASCAL FLATTS concert he was taking her to in the near future! They took a little ride on the two story carousel in the food court. Ate Mexican food and drank margaritas to celebrate Mexican independence, of course. Then Sarah needed to get back home because she had made plans with the girls from work for the rest of the night.

But, ah (Tim says now "AAAAHAHHAHAH!!!!!"), when Tim dropped her off at home, family members were home. And despite her warnings that they were a bit...much...overwhelming...crazy...he insisted on coming in to meet everyone. That's probably the moment she fell in love with him. 

The 10 Million Question game was played. And just when Sarah thought things were going pretty well after all, Aunt Bridget came racing into the kitchen.

"SEVEN. Just remember seven," Aunt Bridget yelled. Sarah almost died. She had told her sisters just a few months earlier that she was a size seven on her left ring finger (which ironically is not correct). And if ever a boy should want to know, they would have that tidbit handy.

Tim was informed (after prodding a very reluctant-to-tell-what-it-meant Sarah) and found it all very, very funny. Sarah's family liked him. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours.

Well, that about explains it. We won't go into anymore details about first kisses and first "I love you's" and proposal/engagement. Because this is really supposed to be about how we met, right? Plus, if you're our children-in-the-future, you're already grossed out by this much detail. Just know that they lived happily ever after.

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