Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Perhaps this would be better classified in the many posts of things that make us joyful. Because Baby Madelyn makes us very joyful. She is the daughter of good friends who was born three months early and had a really rough start. But she is healthy, always content, and smiling as she nears her first birthday.

Plus...she's a baby. Which makes Miriam VERY happy. She was able to hold Madelyn about a week ago. Bliss.

While Madelyn was visiting, Miriam could hardly take three steps from her side. She wanted to touch her face and hands and dress and socks. She had to tell Madelyn how much she loved her and how cute she was every five minutes. She studied Madelyn as she ate her pureed fruit across the table. Miriam was in baby heaven.

But where was Vivian? Our adventure girl was climbing through the play kitchen sink, running around the house, tearing tupperware out of the cupboards. This was a good moment of foreshadowing for April and the arrival of Baby.

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