Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yes, there is...

A friend of ours, who shall remain nameless, came to dinner last night. He hadn't seen Mommy in a while and he said, "Whoa! There's a baby in there! You've really got a bump now, huh!?!"

Baby in Florida!
Yes, Baby is in there. Growing and growing. We're at thirty weeks now. And this Baby is a fun little creature. Miriam was talking to Baby yesterday morning. She felt Baby's hiccups and advised Baby, "Stop breathing, that will stop the hiccups." She continued talking to Baby, her face very close to Mommy's belly. And suddenly Baby kicked her in the face! The sibling rivalry begins! Miriam was absolutely shocked. She looked at Mommy like she couldn't believe what had just happened, like she finally understood there was a real, tiny person in there! If only we'd had a camera at that moment to capture the look for all of you. 

Besides picking on its sisters, Baby also seems to enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, late night acrobatic practice, and causing Mommy some serious ligament pain. Must be a big, healthy child in there.

These next ten weeks are going to fly. These past 30 weeks have flown. And we know we still have so much to do. The girls need their bunk beds painted and their room painted and their belongings combined because they will soon (hopefully very soon) be sharing a room.

And sorry we haven't said much here recently, we've kept ourselves pretty busy, like normal. Last week we were in Florida. More, many more, pictures of that to come. And this week we've been attempting to catch up around here. You know, finally getting the Christmas decorations down. And no, they're not down yet. But perhaps by the end of the week (that's within two maybe not). Tackling the endless stream of work Tim does. Occasionally looking at the ironing pile and considering if it should be attempted at all. Ever?!?!

Mommy did get something pretty HUGE done this week though...Vivian's quilt!!!

It's actually done! See, some progress has been made!!! The girls can be moved in together!

Oh yes, and we have a baby doll scrap quilt now, too. Because dollies (and bunnies and puppies) cannot be left out around here.

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