Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Three Days, Five Parties

It was a big weekend. Five parties in less than 72 hours. Sarah's introverted side was ready to crawl in a bed for a long winter's nap by Sunday night. And it's not even Christmas yet. That's not to say the parties weren't a wonderful (they all were!)...just that Mommy might be a Grinch. In any case, the parties:

1) Library Story Time Christmas Party
Story time is a highlight of Felicity and Vivian's week without cookies and juice boxes. With five cookies and juice boxes!?!? Yeah, slice of heaven.

2) Pancakes and Pajamas Christmas Party
Our church group, Couples with Kids, just always is the most fun with the best, kindest, uninhibited people. So EVERYONE wore their pajamas and ate breakfast for supper and played and laughed. The pictures above are from human Hungry, Hungry Hippo. There is a pile of balls in the center and four teams wheeling all over the place trying to capture the most balls. True entertainment!

3) Cookie Making at Grandmas
Somehow we took no pictures, but there was a lot of sugar, butter, cookies, icing, and happiness, of course.

4) Sarah's Dad's Family Christmas Party
Aunt Bridget, Baby Catherine, Grandma
Great-grandma, Vivian, Miriam, Baby Catherine, Aunt Annette
Cousins play games until they can't see straight
Again, another super-festive, happy bunch of people together! The best part of the evening was Miriam and Vivian eating dinner with Sarah's cousin Evan who they wouldn't make eye contact with when they were younger. They had a silly conversation with him, calling him Dr. Evan and giggling. Watching them grow up is just delightful!

5) Sarah's Mom's Family Christmas
The girls had such a good time! Don't know how they had any energy left to party, but they did! Sarah's aunts set up a craft table for the kids and had fun photo booth props that Vivian had so much fun with. Uncle John was a good sport and played along with her attempts to dress him up.

And for a bonus:
Vivian lost her second tooth!
Whew! Time for bed.

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