Thursday, June 9, 2016

April Showers

We're clearly MONTHS behind making sure the world knows about all the fun we have. So let's wrap up April before the middle of June is here and gone. Prep yourself for too many pictures. On my mark...go.

Broke out the water table. Keeps them happy and busy and not TOO messy and cool when it's warm. Good toy.
Maria, Sarah's youngest sister turned 18. Celebrated by babysitting her nieces. She knows how to live it up.
Baby Catherine make a visit from Canada and the girls all dressed in their coordinating butterfly outfits that Grandma bought them. Grandma loves to shop for little girls and now that she's got four to beautify you know she couldn't be happier.
We met our new friend Benjamin. This is the first tiny baby the girls have been around since they learned we're expecting. SO they were begging to hold him and observe his every movement. They were mostly surprised by how much he cries. Oh girls. You haven't heard anything yet. 
Best event of April: the zoo opened its doors for the season. We took a family trip. 
 We only do rides when Daddy is with us, so the girls chose the train.
Nope, can't get all three to look at the same time.
And the Australia exhibit has been overhauled in the past year to include a stingray "petting" area and a splash pad. Both are fan favorites now.
Tim got a set of pictures during this trip that so perfectly show real sibling least the kind that lives in our house.
And then they got over it and are best friends again.
Until the next time they made each other nuts because "she's breathing too close to me." 

Felicity and Vivian graduated from storytime. {Hashtag all the milestones.} But it's hard to believe Vivian is already this old and starts Kindergarten in just a few short months.
Right after the water table made an appearance, we brought the power wheels up from the basement. The girls aren't the best operators, but no one's died or been run over yet. They get their driving skills from their Mama.
Aunt Bridget, Felicity's godmother, got her a magazine for her birthday. The first issue came at the end of April and was the envy of every little girl in the house. It was all about horses and she poured over every page - it was truly a disappointment when she turned the last page. And immediately asked, "When is the next one in the mail box?"
All in good time, my pretty.

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