Thursday, December 8, 2016

Into the Fold

Simon was baptized Thanksgiving weekend...we needed to pack another family event into those four days while everyone was in town!

Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom are Simon's godparents...a second priest-godfather in this house! Should make for holy kids, right?!?! We're counting on it...
Tom con-celebrated the Mass with Fr. Tim, our new pastor, which made it extra special for Simon's initiation into the Church.
Simon was well-behaved. His sister's tried to be, as well...
...but you know how that can go. 
Fr. Tim loves babies and holds Simon every chance he gets.
Which is funny, because Fr. Tom also LOVES babies and wants to hold Simon every chance he gets.
 Maybe someday Aunt Annette will have a turn holding Simon.
Welcome to the Family, Little Simon!

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