Saturday, April 7, 2012


Mommy's been sewing...when is she not sewing? These are a couple of pillowcase dresses she made. Super fast and easy to personalize. Vivian's has a little extra cuff/trim around the bottom and Miriam's has a pocket. Miriam was thrilled about the pocket. They are pretty to grow into and probably even wear as a shirt someday.

Vivian wasn't too interested in posing so this is the best view we have for you. As a bonus, she did actually leave the bow in her hair.

Miriam liked her dress enough that she smiled at the camera!

During their photo shoot, the girls got distracted by their library books. We love to watch them read to themselves. Vivian is very animated. Yelling all kinds of made up words. Pointing to the pictures. Turning pages quickly (hopefully not ripping them). Love the little curled up foot.

Miriam has memorized some of the words to her books. Including this one, Fancy Nancy. She reads her memorized words and then makes up a narrative for the other pictures. Some books blend together as she reads. Love You Forever can show up in Pajama Light. Olivia might make an appearance in Brown Bear. Pizza at Sally's, in particular, likes to show up anywhere!

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