Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Help

It was "the help" that got us through this sickness. After Vivian got it, then Miriam, then Mommy, and finally, Daddy. Aunt Maria, Sarah's youngest sister and a superstar in Miriam's eyes, came during her Spring Break to help. She played with babies while Mommy tried to keep up with which baby should be taking medicine right now and have they had anything to eat in the last day and where is the extra container of Boogie Wipes...

Gross out alert: Can we just note that it is difficult to know when a diaper change is needed if we can't smell anything.

The Aunt Maria entertainment included a lot of painting. 

Everyone is looking at the camera and (mostly) smiling. It's a miracle!
These babies LOVE their Aunt Maria.
 Miriam, as is her personality, is very attentive to her painting. She works hard and enjoys it!

Vivian, likewise, prefers to paint everything else and then gets around to painting her picture...

We also made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. With icing. Tasty. At least we gave Aunt Maria something enjoyable for her Spring Break.

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