Sunday, June 24, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 25

Sarah's extended family takes a long weekend camping trip every summer. This has been happening for as long as Mommy can remember...25 years, perhaps? It's highly anticipated and extremely joyful. Very delicious food, corn hole, euchre, wiffle ball, volleyball, hair braiding, nail painting, biking, fishing, swimming, running, Family Mass, kettle corn...we love every second.

"Ring around the rosy..."
The girls are really getting to be camping pros! The first morning, we unzipped the tent, Vivian peaked her head out, and said plainly, "Fire Hot!" At least that message got through!

And Miriam was able to spend lots of time with Uncle Michael's Great Dane, Stella. She was frequently heard saying, "I love you, Stella." One night, Mommy rolled over to find Miriam next to her on the air mattress. She must have needed some company and crawled on up!

The beloved Stella
Wiffle ball was the main event this year. We had spectators.

Professional players.

Even a "streaker." Miriam thought it was so funny to run into the middle of the game and make Uncle John chase her when the players yelled, "Security!"

 Vivian got a piggy back ride. Perhaps her most joyful moments of the weekend. But really, she's joyful all the time!

"Giddy up, Mommy."
The next morning, Vivi was so wiped out she fell asleep on cousin Colin after breakfast. He seemed to love it. Must be a pretty cozy guy...she never does this!

 Until next year, Amishville, we will miss you!

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