Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spring slipping by...

Is this already the end of June? It's been quiet here in our little corner of blogland...but noisy in our corner of the real world. Spring will be over very soon...sliding into summer. And it is doubtful any of us will slow down. Especially not Vivian. That girl is an energizer bunny, always talking, always going, always smiling, always quick with a "NO!", always in a hurry, always scraping her knees, face, toes, hands, always bumping her head, but rarely crying. And when she does, Miriam is so sweet to her. She hugs her little sister and tells her, "It's okay, Vivian. You're okay." Miriam seems so grown up suddenly. She's thoughtful, telling us at bedtime, "Thank you for rocking me tonight." And, "I like your shirt, Daddy." And, "Here, Mommy, I picked you a flower." And, "Do you need gas for your car?" She repeats everything we say, loves to make up songs, and 'reads' longer books. She has imaginary pets and babies that come along for car rides.

Recently a friend said to Mommy, "Time goes so quickly when they are little." And Mommy replied, "Except when it doesn't." (Realistic to a fault, that one.) We're always learning and teaching and correcting and attempting to raise loving human beings (they probably call that parenting)'s work for Mom and Dad 24 hours a day! Never a break in this business/busy-ness (also what they call parenting). But then it seems Miriam was just born yesterday. Just five minutes ago Miriam was at the hospital meeting her baby sister, Vivian. Just a blink ago Vivian learned to walk. So we again remind ourselves to enjoy THIS moment despite its trials and because of its joys. It will be gone before our mind's eye is able to take that one lasting picture.

It's finger paint again.
And body paint.
One of our favorite things!
Never let's her sister out-do her in messiness.
Our guardian angel of child crafts.

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