Monday, July 9, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 28

Running makes Mommy joyful. (Perhaps slow jogging would be a more appropriate description?) It's the great escape in the early hours. It keeps her sane. And occasionally she is able to run with other people. When we took our week away with the Wellman family, she got to run with her sisters. Who are all much faster, more athletic, and cuter. But they tolerate Mommy with smiles.

 Maria doesn't seem to mind Mom's pace too much.

Annette gently pushes Mommy to run faster.

Nichole and Bridget keep Mommy going up the tough, long hills with crazy games. Like the one-word-each-story game.
Nichole got that black eye when Maria accidentally kicked her in the face while tubing. YIKES.

For example:
Nichole: In
Bridget: the
Sarah: mousetrap
Nichole: a 
Bridget: Nose
Sarah: smelled
Nichole: an
Bridget: aroma.
Sarah: It
Nichole: smelled
Bridget: like
Sarah: steak.

You get the idea. But it kept us running. And laughing. And joyful, for that matter.

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