Sunday, July 22, 2012

Breaking the silence

Been pretty quiet in our slice of blogland. Don't worry, we're alive and healthy. And not pregnant. We're getting asked a lot right now when we're going to hurry up and have number three makes us smile. Whenever God says so, we suppose.

But really, the past two weeks have been a complete blur. Good thing we take pictures or we might not actually know what we did during that time.

Aunt Sue and Kim were in town from "far, far away" (as Vivian says)...

...with their tribes...

Cousin Colin
 ...who enjoy a cuddle...
Uncle Ron and Vivian
...or two...

Cousins Hannah and Lydia
  ...or three! ;-)

Nana and Uncle Roger
Then Sarah's parents celebrated their 31st Anniversary! Aren't they cute!?!?!

Soon after, Mommy hustled the girls off to Cleveland...

Momma Megan and Miriam feed Lukas his pureed edamame.
 ...where we met HAPPY HAPPY baby Lukas (Mommy's college friends' little boy)...

...where Vivian attempted to read every book in the house. Stinker Pot.

Daddy and Mommy were ready for a little R&R... South Haven, MI.

It was great to get away and be "just a couple" again! But we missed our little girls.
We were even able to squeeze in several meals with close friends during this time! Perhaps things will slow down a bit now? 

Probably not. 

Which is fine by us! Turns out Mommy and Daddy are just as antsy as their toddlers.

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