Sunday, March 24, 2013


Well, it doesn't feel even slightly Spring-ish around here yet. But it's time to get that Christmas wreath off the front door. And the snowman off the mantel...perhaps tomorrow. Friday we "celebrated Spring" by making Snow Dough (box of corn starch + 2/3 C. veggie oil + glitter). Mostly because Mommy didn't even realize that Spring had arrived. 

They loved it. It mashes together, holds a shape, is silky soft to the touch, and crumbles apart again.

Absolute mess. But for the (almost) hour they were completely content (we're talking barely a bickering word!), the clean-up was worth it.

No wonder there's so much laundry around here.

Predictably, Vivian spent quite a bit of her time taste-testing. The glitter may make an interesting re-appearance at some point. 

Now onto Spring-ier times!

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