Monday, March 11, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

We're keeping busy. We got the new mini-van, we're STILL working on getting them into the same room (Viv naps in the crib because she just CANNOT stay in that big girl bed during naptime; at least bedtime is going really well), we're keeping up on our theme weeks (last week we did seasons...didn't take any pictures somehow...), we're getting new carpet (finally) at the end of the week thanks to a very unexpected tax refund, and of course, continuing to prepare for Baby. We ordered size 1 diapers from Amazon. That's it...anything we're missing? We hit 37 weeks this week. Which means Baby is pretty safe and healthy whenever it decides to show up. That's always a relief.

A few pictures of what we're been doing (sorry, mostly taken quickly on the camera phone)...

Friday, we went to the Botanical Gardens with our friend Jill and her little boy, Pete. The computers were having a problem so we got in free. And they validated our parking, so that was free, too. What a day!!! Here are the girls in a "pod" at the kids' jungle exhibit that's going on right now - loved it!

Friday night Tim left for the weekend to do this:

He was actually helping with a youth retreat for the diocese and somehow ended up in a skit as a member of the cast from Duck Dynasty, which hadn't entered our radar until Tim had to be one of them...Reality, make that 97% of TV is so very, very bizarre.

While he was with the high schoolers for the weekend, the girls and Mommy had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's. As you can see, it was super fun and full of cheese-y smiles. (Huge thanks to Amanda for the adorable Xavier shirts. We love them!!!!)

Finally, these two are currently obsessed with making nests. AKA piling up every pillow and blanket they can get their hands on to cozy up. Often, their books, fake food, toys, dolls, animals...EVERYTHING...has to be in the nest, too. Apparently, Mommy isn't the only one with Nesting Hormones these days.

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