Monday, June 10, 2013


This morning, Mommy heard things falling in the garage...but didn't go out to investigate. Must have been the wind. Right?!?! The garage door wasn't open, so that actually makes no sense. The house settling? Sure, we'll go with that one.

Later, when taking out some trash, she found THIS:

A LARGE, confused bullfrog. After Mommy, Daddy, Miriam, and Vivian chased it out of the garage (it took four of us because the creature apparently wanted to stay), we got the camera for pictures.

So we could prove how massive he really was. Maybe the pond behind our house needs to be checked for growth chemicals.

Last week we took a quick trip to Chicago. Time for a change of scenery and Tim was actually not insanely busy with work for a few days. So we sped off into the wild traffic of the Windy City.

The girls loved staying in a hotel. They got to color and play with magnetic dolls. And their parents took the time to just cuddle and watch TV in the morning. (They, of course, would never dream of arguing on vacation - see above.)

We got to see Uncle Michael, Stella, and Michael's new girlfriend (who was very nice!). The highlight of the trip for the girls was the Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier!! Miriam could have spent forever in their little kitchen area. Vivian loved playing with all the water toys. They're asking to go back again soon.

Yes, we did actually take Felicity with us - she was missing out on all the photo ops! (By the way, what color do you think her hair is?)

Oh, Getaways, you are so good to us.

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