Friday, June 14, 2013

Last Morning

"Last Morning." This is how Vivian references anything in the past. We love it. While kids are trying to get a grasp of the world, they come up with some adorable, interesting, not-quite-right concepts. Like when a one year old waves backwards, as if trying to tell herself goodbye. Or this morning, Miriam asked if Aunt Nichole was Aunt Maria's mommy. Well, they are together a lot. And they look similar. And Nichole is older than Maria. But no, not her mommy. Generations can be a particularly difficult concept to get your head around. Especially when your cousin Andrew (Dad's nephew) is the same age as your aunts (Mom's sisters). 

And on a completely unrelated note, we made these lemon shortbread cookies this week. Saw the recipe on Pinterest. Lemon. Yes. Shortbread. Yes. Together. Double yes. You will not regret making them...

...unless they turn out as ugly as ours did. No. We take that back. Even if they're not half as attractive as the originals, you'll be sooooo happy you made them. And then you'll need to go buy stock in butter.

By the way, this little Felicity. She's starting to drool and has gone up a clothing size. It begins.

Cute cute cute.

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