Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent: Week 1

We had a lovely first week of Advent. Our tree isn't up. Our cards aren't sent. Our lights are still in the attic. Not a present is wrapped and most still live on store shelves. But we've been having fun getting ready for Christmas! The girls made their own paper Advent wreaths.
 Each week of Advent, they get to "light" another candle.
The older girls also worked together to write an Advent prayer that we say after dinner each evening. It's simple and childlike, but we love it.
Dear Jesus, dear baby Jesus, I love you baby Jesus. Please help us get ready for your birthday, Christmas. Teach us to walk like you and follow you. Help us get to heaven. Amen.
Another bit of important Christmas writing: Letters to Santa. The red ink is their attempt to write their names.
These letters always make us smile and cringe because Santa probably didn't know they wanted those things and needs to get to work in his toyshop! St. Nicholas stopped by Friday in the very early hours. He seemed to know about what little girls liked...
Paint books, fruit ropes...
 Sophie the Giraffe...
 and a little tree of their own to decorate (over. and over. and over. and over. and over.)
 St. Nick thought Mommy and Daddy were very good this year, too.
We tried to explain that the real spirit of St. Nicholas is generosity. St. Nicholas is the patron of children and gave away all his wealth to take care of others. Friday we went to the store to pick out books to give to the United Way's book drive in our county to let the girls experience "giving".
Saturday we got to see St. Nicholas! Felicity didn't slip off his lap. Her sisters kept her wedged in there pretty tightly.
Vivian loves talking with St. Nicholas and Santa. She is never afraid to approach them, touch their beards, ask about their bells or crosses. She's just the friendliest child. This is probably to confuse Jolly Old St. Nick who has seen her behavior through the year...this sweet little girl can't be the same wild Vivian he's seen all this time!
After seeing St. Nicholas, we went to Grandma's house and made too many Christmas cookies with Aunt Maria.
Felicity did most of the work. Hope you're having as much fun as we are getting ready for Christmas!

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