Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

We know you're dying for this...Thanksgiving. The best holiday of the whole year! Beware, this is actually a couple of weeks of fun so you could be here for a bit. How we celebrated:
We made a little fruit turkey during Turkey Week. Stabbing grapes is so much more fun than Mommy imagined it would be. (No humans were injured in the creating of this turkey.) MANY minutes of occupation. And a fruit platter all ready for dinner!
And we got a big box from Amazon. That's unrelated to Thanksgiving. However. Had to share her royal cuteness.
And we made our annual Thanksgiving Tree. Nothing too unusual written on the leaves. Several mentions of Santa. Magnets, Steps, Dora, and Boats also made the list. It's good to be grateful.
The girls got to go to the Christmas parade in Auburn, and Light Night and the Gingerbread Festival in Fort Wayne. Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, we went bowling with Sarah's family. Felicity spent most of her time eating. And eating. And eating. The baby is growing!
Bowling with little girls made us smile. They were bouncing all over the place. Eating pizza. Checking out the arcade room. Torturing their aunts and uncles. Rolling the ball down the lane. Watching other people bowl. Making friends ten lanes away (Vivian).
 They played two whole games with bumpers. Seems like a decent attention span!
Miriam developed her own technique. 
  1. Fingers in holes of the ball. 
  2. Carry to bowling lane. 
  3. Swing arm a couple times. 
  4. Set ball down and push it down the lane.
The four pound ball always made it to the pins, so apparently the technique works.
 Thursday we were with Sarah's family-where all the cool kids wear coral.
So many days of partying meant very tired girls. (But we're only half way there!!) Daddy carried both of the big girls in one trip to bed and Vivian slept through the whole process. Wiped out.
Friday was with Tim's family to celebrate Mema's 90th birthday! She is a kind, classy lady - we're truly blessed to be able to live near her and share some cake and ice cream in honor of how lovely she is.
Saturday we had Tim's family over for dinner. Aunt Michelle got to put Felicity to bed. The smile says it for us.
Sunday back to Sarah's family. Uncle Michael and Stella are heading overseas for a year courtesy of the Navy. Sarah drew Michael's name for the Christmas exchange on Thursday. Instead of paying for shipping to the other side of the world, Sarah spent every free second sewing over the weekend. Couple of Bears pillowcases in super soft fabric.
And a comfy Bears robe (that may be a bit short). Sarah suggested adding a ruffle on the bottom for more length. He only laughed. Offer still stands.
Praying you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And that your children weren't as tired as ours - seems like they are still recovering! Our house has about three Christmas decorations up. We like to ease into the season. (That's the excuse we'll use.)

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