Wednesday, September 10, 2014

They don't call 'em Great for nothin'

We took an overnight trip to the Indiana Dunes and Chicago last week. Thursday, on the beach, we had the perfect weather and the place to ourselves. A Great Lake. All for us.
 The water was a little cold, but it didn't stop the girls from plunging right in.
You know what's awesome about sunscreen and water? They really help that sand to STICK to your body. Sand bath, if you will.
Gritty, yet satisfying.
Miriam spent her time at the beach playing with drift wood, stones, and shells and digging holes in the sand.
Felicity liked the sand...but her favorite were the seagulls that she chased...
and chased and chased as she yelled, "PUPPY!"
She never was able to catch one. But they liked to hang out near her in hopes of a dropped snack.
Vivian revealed how tactile she is. She drops her whole body in the sand, rolls stones through her fingers, splashes through the water like a baby fish. Tim and Sarah decided they need to get a sheep skin rug for the this girl. It would be her dream come true.
That night we slept in a hotel. Hotel sleeping is never great for our family. The girls are just too excited about being somewhere different to actually sleep. Friday we spent the day at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. A lot of the exhibits were a little over the girls head, but they still had so much fun.
Felicity behind the wheel of a full size tractor.
A German Sub that was captured during WWII and now live underground at the museum. The girls were in AWE.
A human hamster.
Two tired little girls barely made it out of the parking garage before passing out.
For supper we met up with Aunt Bridget's fiance, Ryan the Silliest, for some Chicago style pizza. We'd never want to live in the Windy City (we love our small town too much!) but it is always fun to visit!

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