Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When I'm 90

Dear Lord, when Mommy is 90, please let her have the confidence, good health, and sound mind to strut her stuff in a bathing suit. And let her look as good as Mema. Amen.
This picture is a family heirloom.
We're spending as much time as we can in the pool right now. Tim's grandma is moving into an assisted living apartment this week and our pool days are numbered. We're enjoying them so much!
Daddy's teaching Felicity all about trust...
...and about flying.
She's very comfortable around the pool and doesn't mind getting her face in the water.
 She'll even hop off the diving board with Mommy or Daddy holding her hand.
 Both of the older girls are becoming really strong swimmers.
Miriam can jump off the diving board without her life jacket on now! Her head pops right back to the surface and she swims unassisted to the ladder. It really tires her out!! Mommy and Daddy have to force her to use a noodle sometimes if we notice that she's struggling to swim to the edge of the pool or not able to stay afloat as well.
Vivian also does the diving board with ease, but still needs her life jacket to make it to the ladder. On the shallow end, she loves to yell, "WATCH MY SUPER DIVE!" Then she takes a huge breath and submerges her whole body under water and paddles around a little. We're putting both girls into swimming lessons in the fall. They'll probably be teaching the class.
This summer, we've been able to hang out with Tim's Uncle Steve and cousin, Caleb, too. They're two of the sweetest men we know and don't mind being splashed.
None of our pool days would be possible without Nana. She takes care of the pool and helps Mommy with the girls if we go during the day. She's the best Nana there ever could be - not many people could brag about having the best mother-in-law. Sarah can.
The pool may seem like the star of this show. But it's not. Family is.

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