Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Let's Go Visiting

This week we've already hung out with a couple of our favorite friends.

First was Great-grandma Wellman with Aunt Nichole and Aunt Maria. Grandma didn't know who we were. At all. Which was sad, but despite her confusion she was still nice as could be to us (complete strangers, as far as she was concerned) and seemed to enjoy our company. She was happy to let the girls play and play, to talk with them, and to listen to them sing. The girls were enamored with her bird house sweatshirt...
...Aunt Maria was entrusted with caring for the babies during our visit and did a stellar job...
...Grandma got to hear the entire plot of Frozen... was very good.
AND tonight we had a speical treat when Aunt B, Uncle E, and baby Leo stopped over for a quick visit. Our girls wanted to eat Leo up. Literally.
Lucky boy handled all the attention very well. So typical for him - he's just a chill, happy little man. Each little girl had to take turns holding him. And Mommy had to have her turn holding her squishy baby!
The week isn't over yet; we've got Holy Week and Easter festivities on the horizon. The three social butterflies will be flying high.

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