Sunday, April 19, 2015

Three is two

Felicity turned two on Easter Monday! We've commented about what a happy little girl she is, even going so far as to say she's already the most glass-half-full person in the house. If she gets a bump on the head it just takes a little kiss to make her feel all better. She is the sweetest, most cuddly girl every morning when she wakes up at 6:45, especially if she can get both of her parents to lay beside her for a few minutes while she drinks a sippy cup of milk. She calls Miriam "Mim" and Vivian is "Vivvy". Please, Puppy, Please is her favorite book. Storytime at the local library is her happy place. She LOOOOOVES babies and trains, will eat just about anything, despite that early picky-eater-scare, has finally decided babysitters are okay but when Mommy/Daddy come home we get the world's best greeting with a hug, looks so much like Vivian we're sure they'll be able to trick future boyfriends, and is ticklish just about anywhere on her body. Felicity is a good talker and singer and likes to "FIX IT!" which can mean anything from picking up toys to putting a pen cap in the sliding door track and declaring, "HURRAY! I FIX IT!" We still can't follow that train of thought but when she found out Mommy had removed the pen cap later, she put on her best grumpy face and said, "NO! I FIX IT!" and ran the cap back to the sliding door track.

Her's is the last birthday we'll celebrate at the old house, a bittersweet thought.

When Mommy asked her what she wants for her birthday, she got a sly grin, raised her eyebrows, and said, "Cake!"

Dearest Felicity, we can certainly make you some cake!

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