Monday, October 5, 2015

And That's a Wrap

Summer is suddenly over. Pools and splash pads and air conditioners shut down for the year. The sun isn't shining into the kitchen in the evenings anymore. The kids need jackets to play outside. But that also means grass is coming soon in our yard!
We're squeezing in a few more zoo trips before it's gone for the year, too.
The new Sting Ray Bay exhibit is open for little hands to touch a real sting ray. Unless you chicken out at the last second and pull your hand out every time a sting ray gets close.
A few final dips in the pool before it's gone. And not just for the summer. Tim's family is selling Mema's house this fall. It will be hard to say goodbye to the place where we've gathered for years and years and years.
Mommy took the girls to a cross country meet. Someday these girls might be great little runners so we went to check out Aunt Nichole's team. Now the girls associate cross country meets with temporary tattoos and naps.
And finally, to cap off the end of summer, Miriam has a loose tooth! A new era for our family! Our children are losing their baby teeth and soon permanent teeth will appear. And she'll keep getting older and older. So we'd better go play playdough and hopscotch and dolls right away before she's too old.

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