Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Catherine Sarah

The girls met their first cousin on the Wellman side on Sunday!

As we drove through Aunt Annette and Uncle Tom's neighborhood, we passed their park. Miriam said, "Do they take Catherine to that park now?"

"No," Mommy answered. "But maybe in the spring she'll be about big enough to push in the baby swings."

"No, no!" Miriam said in a rush. "I mean, on the slide!" 
Perhaps the girls didn't realize how small and helpless a new baby really is...
They all got a turn or five holding her, kissing her, and smushing her chunky cheeks.
In between little girl turns, Mommy, Aunt Nichole, and Daddy got to hold Catherine, too.
Catherine pretty much slept through it all.
Before leaving Windsor, we had dinner at a diner/ice cream parlor.
Catherine slept through that, too.
Soon enough she'll be slurping down the cotton candy/bubble gum/cookie dough ice cream with her cousins.

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