Wednesday, February 10, 2016

No dirt for me, thanks.

Felicity did not like Ash Wednesday Mass. Primarily because someone put dirt on her.

Every morning, Felicity wakes up, drinks a cup of milk while cuddling with her Daddy...and then asks for a fancy dress

She likes to throw away trash...or whatever she perceives to be garbage. In fact, Miriam is missing a book from the school library and Mommy's not entirely sure Felicity didn't find it, not recognize it, and throw it away. 
When we returned to our pew, Felicity not-so-sneakily rubbed away her ash cross, then rubbed her face into Mommy's shirt, for good measure. Later she leaned over to Mommy and whispered, "United Way {where Mommy works part-time} people gonna to ask why you have the dirt cross on you face."

Because dirt on your face is the lowest of the low. But that's probably what the Church is going for when they say, "Remember you are dust and unto dust you shall return." So thanks for catechizing, Felicity.

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