Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Last and First Days

Someday we'll get the highlights of summer onto the blog...until then, school has begun for Miriam and Vivian. To celebrate (or mourn) our last of day of summer break, Mommy took the girls to a splash pad to play and have a picnic. 
In the afternoon, Vivian got a haircut, we took a trip to the library, and the girls packed their lunches for the first day of school.
The week before school, Grandpa predicted that on the first day of school, "Viv will hop out of bed and get dressed and be sitting in the car ready to go. Her parents will be saying, 'Viv, come back in the house! You can't leave for another half an hour and you need to eat breakfast.' But you'll have to drag Miriam out of bed."

As much as we know Miriam loves school, Grandpa's foresight is 20/20. Vivian hopped out of bed yesterday morning - she COULD NOT stop smiling and giggling. Neither of her parents could shed a tear about sending her off to Kindergarten when she was truly thrilled to be big enough to head off to school! She got dressed in the clothes we laid out the night before and ran down to the mudroom to put on her (FULL of school supplies and HEAVY) backpack. Mommy had to remind her that she needed to brush her teeth and eat breakfast before she could go to school. Miriam, on the other hand, was still slowly, slowly pulling on her socks and taking occasional breaks to just lay on the floor.
They both reported a great first day! Miriam has two new classmates and Vivian said, "I was wishing the day would never end. I just wanted Kindergarten to keep on going and going."
Felicity and Mommy are keeping busy at home with our preschool activities. This week (and next) we're talking all about Creation. Today she sorted the light from the dark, just like God did on the First Day. So many first days around here...

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