Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lake Life

Tim's aunt recently gifted her lake home to Tim's dad and we've all been graciously welcomed to take advantage of lake living whenever we want! It's been such a blessing for Tim's family. Last summer was our last summer enjoying Mema's pool.  Now we've been given another location for our water-happy girls to be with their extended family. 

Mommy took the girls to the lake after Miriam's last day of school to kick off our summer break. We unpacked the car, threw down a blanket, and enjoyed a picnic. It set the tone perfectly for the rest of our summer.
Most hours of the day, you can find all three girls splashing in the water, playing at the neighborhood beach/park next door with the friends they've made throughout the summer, snacking, or following Aunt Shirley and Molly around on their daily inspection of the property. Miriam is a professional on the monkey bars now, Vivian is becoming more confident swimming without a life jacket, and Felicity is a sand chef...perpetually mixing up a batch of her "slurpy slop" at the beach.
Cookies from Aunt Shirley
We've had nearly perfect weather all summer.
And if all that weren't enough, one morning Mommy and the girls woke up to hot air balloons flying overhead. It was magical for them!
Our days spent at the lake have been filled with hours of cousins, Nana, Papa, Tim's sisters, and brother-in-law. This family time is something we cherish!
We've even pulled ourselves away from our little haven to explore nearby Battle Creek...just a very little bit. We visited Binder Park Zoo.
Played in the gardens near the river walk.
Eaten delicious hand-dipped ice cream.
You know, all the important parts of a summer.
So the real reason we're so very behind keeping the universe up-to-date with our lives...well, we've been "busy" lounging in the shade listening to little girls splashing and fighting and laughing in the water.

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