Saturday, September 3, 2016

Favorite Things: July Edition

July was filled with a few of our favorite things. Like Zoo Camp! The two oldest girls were big enough to attend the all-day camp and loved every minute! They came home with stories about the animals they got to see up-close, the rides they did, sneek peeks behind the scenes, fun songs, and new friends they made. Vivian admits that she's sometimes anxious that she won't make any friends in a new situation (Zoo Camp, first day of school, hanging out at the park). But in each situation, she comes home listing her new friends and telling about the plans they're making to have fun together in the future.
At age 3, Felicity had her first year of Zoo Camp. It was two mornings and a parent tags along. Daddy had the pleasure the first morning and Mommy went later in the week.
Her "best friend Livy" was also at Zoo Camp with us!
In a group, Felicity becomes shy and reserved. At times, Mommy wasn't sure she actually enjoyed the experience. But weeks later, she's still talking about her time at Zoo Camp positively. She's just going to be one of those children we'll need to gently prod out of the nest.
We played at the lake with old friends...
 Caught fireflies...
and spent quality time at the library.
Miriam worked on her Mini 4H activities each week, learning about what plants need to live, how to set a table (properly), and all that goodness. She planted a few bean seeds early in the summer and was able to harvest a few tender green beans. Which she immediately ate raw. It's so exciting watching her learn new skills and become more independent. Her eager helpfulness makes Mommy feel like welcoming Baby #4 might be a little easier than the adjustment the first three required!

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