Saturday, September 3, 2016

Wellman Vacation 2016

The annual week of summer when we get cozy with Sarah's family!
Uncle Michael and Baby Catherine share a moment
This year, that meant lots of boating and playing in the water. And there was that afternoon a jet ski actually blew up with Aunt Maria and her boyfriend, Mikey, on it. (No super serious injuries.) And then another boat died out on the lake. So Grandpa brought out his fishing boat to tow us back to the launch...
But BESIDES that day! everything was normal! Games, walks, bikes rides, sunshine, relaxation...
And Rise N Roll donuts (if you don't know what these are, we feel sorry for you).
We did take a morning away from the water to check out Shipshewana for the flea market, fabric, and Amish siting. The girls managed to find an indoor carousel. It's amazing what they can spot from two miles away.
Fr. Jason, who married us and baptized the first two girls, is currently at a parish in the same town we were staying. Which meant we were able to catch up with him. We do love hanging out with an old friend/holy priest. By the end, we were, at the same time, refreshed and completely worn out. The sign of a great week.

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