Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Playing catch up is going to really take some time at this pace...but we'll get there!

Looking back February was a tough month because it was our last month with Mema - Tim's grandmother.
It was Simon's first ear infection...and his hate for the car seat continued.
It was Felicity realizing she's no longer the baby of the family. Felicity is a sweet, sweet little girl who just brings sunshine wherever she goes. But not being the baby was suddenly un-fun. She showed us in a variety of ways...from telling her sisters she got to play at Nana's all day when we picked them up from school (she hadn't) to cutting her hair and whatever she could dream up in between. Could it be because Simon's naps were so terrible? Or because he hated taking a bottle?
Miriam had a deep wart cut out of the bottom of her foot. Daddy made it better with the biggest lollipop he could find. (Jealous Felicity eventually smashed the was a really tough parenting month.) 
There were certainly bright spots! Weather warm enough for bike rides and walks.
Simon's first "sitting up" stroller ride
Bubble baths with crazy hair!
Aunt Kim came to town and got to meet Simon!
Valentine's Day!
Vivian went to a classmate's birthday party at the skating rink! 
The big girls had snow days and got messy with shaving cream!
Miriam was awarded a Virtue Award for Patience at school! (A very proud parenting moment!)
Uncle John took Felicity to see Daniel Tiger Live! (We are still hearing about every wonderful detail MONTHS later!)
Mommy, Felicity, and Simon took a trip to the botanical gardens for some lovely fresh air and a special Mary Poppins exhibit. Practically perfect in every way.
We kept up with our theme weeks...making elephant toothpaste was probably Felicity's favorite.
Simon grew stronger. Three months old and very loved.
He practiced this silly face over and over...
...and tummy time.
At the end of the month, while Mommy was eating a banana he leaned in and had a taste!
So begins his exploration of the world of solid foods!

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