Monday, April 10, 2017


Here's the goal: Just catch up. That's all! We're going to get everything that's happened for the last four-ish months onto the blog. And then get back to regular updates about our little lives. We realize our lives are unimpressive but recording all the comings and goings, all the details, has become important for our family. At the end of each year Mommy prints the "blog book" and we all love pulling the books off the shelf and carefully turning the pages. Seeing how much everyone has grown. All the fun things we did. All the silly things they said. So while we're feeling TOO busy to blog as often as we'd like, the goal is just to catch up. And see what we can manage after that!

Obviously having a fourth child has really taken its toll on ALL the free time. Someday we'll get hobbies or a second to breathe or showers that we don't try to also use as a reason to shut our eyes...for...just...a...second.....zzzzzz.

AHEM. Sorry. Another goal: will not complain about lack of sleep.

So the first day of January we dove straight into the new year with a one day road trip to Chicago to meet Simon's new best bud! Sarah's sister Bridget and her husband Ryan welcomed a little boy just before Christmas. Elijah is about seven weeks younger than Simon and we're eagerly anticipating all their future fun.
Until then we just watch them nap near each other. [All the heart emojis.] He was sweet and cuddly. Tim got to snuggle with his future godson for a good while on the couch. Heavenly. And the girls are always excited to see their silliest aunt and uncle.

Side note: Simon HATES his car seat. Which means he was born into the wrong family. You know how much we love to be on the go. But we can't leave him at home. So he's spent many more hours than he would like strapped into that torture device per the government's request. Sorry, Bud.

A week later we celebrated Papa's birthday at our house! Tim grilled steaks and we had apple cake with cream cheese icing. (So so so so good. Is Lent almost over?!?!?!)
Aunt Annette and Catherine came to visit during January to help keep the wheels turning around here. She brought crafts, an extra set of hands to help, company for cooped up people, and lots of wisdom to keep Mommy sane. 
Flairicity is born.
Part of her wisdom: don't forget to do the things you enjoy. So Mommy finally finished the next raincoat!
Pineapple fabric for the lining! 
And we brought back preschool-at-home for Felicity. With the big girls back to school after Christmas break and a tiny baby needing attention, Felicity needed her Mommy to give her some special time... 
...beyond holding Simon!
We kept it all very simple and she was so happy.

Mid-January included a birthday party for Great-Grandma Kramer.
Great-Grandma as a girl.
Our girls LOVE to be present "helpers"!
 Grandpa Wellman held Simon. But still couldn't get a smile. Keep trying.
And look at these awesome mugs Sarah's cousins made!!!! Perfection.
Just one more off topic thing. Miriam brought this home from school...her mother's daughter.
Simon's favorites: sleeping on his Mom, if possible.
Trying out the bumbo.
Seeing things a little farther away.
And his sisters. They have the easiest time getting smiles out of him!

We wrapped up the month back in the Windy City for Elijah's baptism. 
Vivian is giving HERSELF bunny ears! How can you not LOVE that girl?!?!
Tim was the honored godfather! Is anyone else just giddy with excitement about these two little boys running around being all "snips and snails and puppy dog tails"!?!?

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