Friday, March 30, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 13

This week wasn't joyful in the extreme. It was more of a "getting by" kind of week. Sometimes having kids isn't all outside baths and the bow game. We're alive. That's joyful. We're together. That's joyful. We certainly don't have the most stressful or biggest problems...but when you've got sick kids it can be rough. We just want our little girls to feel better, as any parent would. We've been to the doctor/express care three times (or more...can't keep the days straight...) this week to find out we've got bronchitis/pneumonia floating around the house. And we're already planning to go back at least once next week. So this week, medical professionals bring us joy.

Last night we went to the Express Care at the local hospital; Miriam had a high fever. She was a trooper. We entertained her with Sesame Street on Daddy's phone during the waiting times. Turns out there's not really anything appropriate on TV at 10 PM for a two-year-old. Huh.

Feel better soon, little Squeaker.

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