Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ladybug Land

A few weeks back, ladybugs took over our house. Because we asked them to. It was a ladybug themed week. And who would have known it would be so fun!?!?

Ladybug crafts...Miriam gave her's a nose!

REAL ladybugs. You can order them on Amazon...1,000+ of them. And they can live in the fridge until you're ready to set them free. For months. Amazing, right?

The girls loved releasing them into the garden. Those little ladybugs were eager to get out of their plastic home.

 They both wanted to hold a ladybug. Miriam did not act scared at all!

Vivian with a ladybug.
Miriam's ladybug.
Ladybug food. This was the easiest activity and held their attention for the longest! And they made their own breakfast. Win-win-win.

Paint strawberry jam onto a rice cake.

 Add raisins.

Eat a delicious ladybug breakfast.

Finally, ladybug costumes. Which took the most work for Mom. And were liked the least by the girls. But then, it's hard to be a nimble mess-maker if you're wearing a paper bag. 

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