Sunday, August 5, 2012

Three Grandmas!?!?

Miriam and Vivian are very blessed to have a Great-Great Grandma living! We were able to visit her this weekend in the assisted living community where she currently resides about two hours from our house. She was absolutely thrilled to see them. She truly lit up when they came into the room and hugged her. 

Great-Great Grandma is 96 years old and raised seven children; she is Sarah's Mom's Grandma. She certainly had her challenges throughout her life. Yet, she remains a happy, generous person. 

And in true Grandma fashion, she presented treats in the form of vanilla wafer sandwiches. And would not let us deny the girls fifth helpings!

Great-Great Grandma has always been a sewer and still keeps herself busy embroidering pillowcases for family members. We even have a set in our home. Vivian is checking out a work-in-progess below. Happily, Mommy can justify her need to craft with genetics! (However, during it's most extreme moments, Daddy would probably label it a genetic disorder.)

We were also able to get a picture with all five generation! Look at Great-Great Grandma and Great Grandma holding hands. Aren't they the sweetest thing?!?!

Finally, Vivian was free to examine the place. And Great-Great Grandma LOVED it. If an adult tried to save an porcelain angel or silk flowers from her grasp, Great-Great Grandma would yell, "NO! NO! Let her have it! Give it to her!" Vivian was in heaven.

Then it was time to go...doesn't that hug look like a sacred space?

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