Thursday, December 6, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 49

Advent makes us joyful. 

We're waiting. We're waiting for a lot of things right now in our family life. Waiting for someone to buy our little SUV (are you interested?), waiting to buy a minivan, waiting to get new carpet, waiting for Baby, waiting for little people to grow up enough that they can zip their own coats as we rush out the door, waiting for the perfect house to come onto the market, waiting for that right time to put our own house up for sale, waiting for our daily walk around the block after naptime, waiting for our families to come home for the holidays and fill our lives with their presence, waiting and waiting and waiting. 

But Advent reminds us to enjoy the wait. The wait brings the greatest gifts, like Jesus, the Savior. So we're praying more together this Advent, taking more time to teach the girls how to pray, and trying to explain in the most elementary of terms what Advent is all about.

And of course, we're crafting during the wait. Today the girls went to storytime at the library with their Daddy while Mommy was at a prenatal appointment. And they made gingerbread houses! They were so proud of their creations!

Miriam's house was completely covered in candy. Fancy as could be.

Vivian's was more sparsely decorated. Daddy reported that Vivian ate most of her candy before it could even think about being placed onto the house.

We hope you are enjoying your own waiting this Advent.

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