Thursday, December 27, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 51

It's funny how some people just get along. They meet and instantly KNOW each other. Of course, we've all had those relationships...close friends, love-at-first-sight, the person you don't see very often but can laugh with for hours on those rare occasions. Sarah had two roommates her freshman year of college that were randomly assigned and they had that kind of easy relationship. 

The Husman 210 roommates at Sarah's bachelorette party.
And Daddy...well Daddy has that easiness with just about the whole universe. If only everyone could love people the way Daddy does. It truly is a joyful blessing.

Of course, there are theses three amigas. Our girls can't be any happier than when they get to see cousin Lydia.

But it's so funny to watch it happen with children. Because it's not something we make up or grow into. It just is. For example, since the day she was born (or so it seems) Miriam has just been very comfortable with her Aunt Maria. She loves all her other family members, but adores Aunt Maria. There's no explaining it, especially with a child as reserved as Miriam. It just is.

And after looking through the pictures from this Christmas, we can see another one of those relationships, though it was certainly harder to see. Because Vivian loves everyone. She is close to everyone and enjoys everyone. Nothing really slows her down...just like her Uncle Michael.

Touch the ceiling fan!

Perhaps it is their sameness that draws them to each other. (Let that be a warning to Vivian's parents.) In any case, it just is. And it brings us joy all year round to have these relationships.

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