Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mantel Masterpieces

Last week the girls got to make their own gingerbread houses and we went to the Gingerbread Festival in Fort Wayne with a few of Mommy's family members. (As a side note, it is a miracle we got out of there without snitching a single piece of candy off of the creations!) We were in high gear wanting to creating something of our own again, when Mommy saw a Popcorn Snowman project in the Sunday paper. Popcorn was popped, marshmallow glue was concocted, and edible decorations were pilfered from the the Halloween candy stash. 

They had a fabulous, sticky time making their snowmen. Both ate just about as much as they pasted onto the snowman bodies. It is a wonder they sleep at all anymore with the sugar high they are constantly on. These little guys only very vaguely resemble the picture in the paper...but Miriam and Vivian were so proud of their creations that Daddy built a little stand so they wouldn't fall over and now they live on the mantel for all to enjoy.

Vivian's popcorn snowman

Miriam's popcorn snowman

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