Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love, Raincoat, Baby Bump

This week's theme was easy: Valentine's Day. Easy because there are about a million craft ideas, free worksheets, children's books, activities, etc. that people have come up with for Valentine's Day. Virtually think-free for Mommy. Here are a few photos of one of the crafts we did. We'll spare you pictures of every other heart related project this week.

Vivian worked so hard on this Valentine Kitty!
Miriam also face-planted in the driveway this week. Hence the scrape under her eye.
Finished Valentine Kitty
Mommy made the girls valentines with special messages.

And Daddy even bought each of his three Valentine's cards. Glittery as can be!

 We had a red themed supper. Strawberries...

...and Apple Beet Waffles. (Our waffle maker is heart shaped. Perfect!) Sounds weird. Tastes fabulous! And has no food coloring!

Daddy gave Mommy a very sweet card and a bottle of Moscoto d'Asti. Mommy gave Daddy a nice card and a 12 pack of beer. So that was our Valentine's Day.

Also, this week, Mommy sewed Miriam a raincoat! She loves it!

And finally, we are now at 33 weeks.The baby has surpassed the "bump" status. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a cute little baby mountain?

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