Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Apparently a good, regular naptime is now a thing of the past in this house. When we moved the girls into their room together, Daddy said, "Now begins the millions of words they will say to each other that we will never hear." Two little girls wiggling in bed, maybe falling asleep, frequently talking, giggling, getting up, getting back in. But not really napping all that well in the past week.  Some days are better than others. Some days they talk for an hour before passing out. Some days they talk for two hours and just as we're about to spring them free...they fall asleep. Miriam is certainly past the point of needing to nap everyday. Vivian definitely is more comfortable if she take that nap. Mom and Dad miss the certain peace of naptime. Mercifully, bedtime is going smoothly.

In other news, we got the stomach thing that is going around. It was bad. We won't go into the details. And we won't try to visit your homes for a few more days. Luckily, Miriam has escaped it so far. Heaven only knows how. But we're grateful for that blessing. And for Tim's mom who practically lived with us for two days to make sure the girls got fed and cleaned and played with.

And this picture was taken about a year ago.

As we continue to wait for Baby #3...and to negotiate names for Little One...we realize we're about five (fast) weeks from our due date. And we can't wait to meet the one who will sit next to these two in a year.

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