Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snow(less) Week

Last week our theme was SNOW. We talked all about snow. Colored about snow. Pretended about snow. Read about snow. Crafted about snow. Snow. Snow. Snow. And it almost feels like this blog post should be titled "Pinterest FAIL". It didn't really snow. Well, not enough to actually cover the ground. And one day it was about 60 degrees. We took a walk in the rain. And as you'll see from the pictures, our snow projects were more messes than anything else.

We attempted to make an igloo out of packing peanuts. Which didn't want to stay together with Elmer's glue, glue sticks, or the hot glue gun.

And Vivian ate the glue.

 But Miriam is definitely getting better with glue!

So Mommy broke out the cake testing broom. It was a Christmas gift that is handmade locally and each little "stick" can be broken off and used to test if baked goods are done.

So this ended up being a great way to work on our fine motor skills.

 But not a great way to construct an igloo.

The girls moved on to packing peanut cupcakes!

 And packing peanut jumping bags (which could feel like walking in snow??).

Another day we attempted snow paint. (Mix together equal parts flour, salt, and water.)

They enjoyed it!

However, the "paint" was so thick it was hard to spread around with a paint brush. Snow finger painting ensued.

And of course, snow body painting.

But this week, it is snowing! We have lots and lots of snow to play in. Last night we made snow ice cream. It was actually really easy and really tasty. So snow week is being extended into this week!

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