Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Finally Four

The day Miriam had been waiting for finally arrived. Her very happy birthday! She was the eldest again. Thank heavens. It was hard being "the same age as Vivi" for all those days. Which compels us to share this story: On her birthday, Miriam was in the bathroom and started yelling, "MOOOOOMMMMY!" 

Thinking there must be some horrible bathroom EMERGENCY, Mommy rushed in. "What's wrong!?!?" 

"Am I the oldest girl in the family?"

"Yes." Relief. "Anything else?"

"So I AM the oldest."


 For her birthday, Miriam wanted chocolate covered strawberries! Yum.
While her younger sisters took a nap, she and Mommy worked hard dipping and decorating her treats.
They were careful not to waste any extra chocolate.
Four strawberries and four purple candles for a four year old.
So all of that was on Monday. Last night, Miriam and Daddy went out on their date! This year she asked for Pizza Hut. Which was actually a DEAL - kids get a free drink (strawberry lemonade was her pick), all pizzas are $10, and she got a free dessert pizza for her birthday. She and Daddy split a half Hawaiian half Buffalo Chicken...a bit of the buffalo got onto her half of the pizza. Spicy birthday surprise!
It was the perfect birthday for our grown up, very loved Miriam. Four Big Things about our four year old:
1. She loves to be a helper. From setting the table to taking care of Felicity in ANY way she can to making her bed, she absolutely loves to assist her Mommy and Daddy.
2. She can do buttons and zippers - so proud of her skills! She is very independent and loves to be able to get herself ready to leave the house.
3. She LOVES the color purple. Mommy made her a purple flannel blanket for her birthday to keep her warm during the cold winter drives in the van.
4. She has a map brain. She knows where we are, how far to the next place, if we are somewhere she's never been before, her right from her left. It is amazing. Just like everything else about her.

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