Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas (again) + New Year's Eve

We "found" more pictures from Christmas...Felicity woke up painfully early on Christmas morning, but Miriam and Vivian both slept in. So when she laid down for her morning nap, both girls were just getting into their gifts from Santa. Felicity's first Christmas would have to wait a little longer. The older girls found stockings full of stickers and fruit ropes...
...and more presents from Santa than two little girls could keep track of.
The most exciting were the Frozen dolls Ana and Elsa. We saw the movie in the theater and the girls are both in love with everything Frozen. So Santa fed that beast.
 When Felicity woke up, her sisters helped her with her stocking and gifts.
 She didn't mind the help at all.
Miriam and Vivian both have bunnies they sleep with every night, so Santa brought Felicity her own bunny, too.
Also a few more pictures of our girls with their Arizona cousins who we already miss!
We also had a New Year's Eve party with friends and family. There were SO MANY babies and kids! Our girls LOVED it.
Daddy shot off lots of fireworks, the kids all wore each other out, their parents took them home, and our girls passed out. That's 2013. Wrapped up. The End.

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