Monday, January 6, 2014

Life is Such a Blessing

Well, today you get Tim on the other end of the keyboard.  We're nearly snowed in here, and I know some family members wish they could make it here but can't.

The snow has stopped, but the cold and wind keep on coming!

I thought I would put some pictures and thoughts on here from the last few days.

Two posts back, our dear Pepa (as he's known by many) was in the hospital and fighting an infection and who knows what else.

Well, he ended up in the ICU, and even with everyone's best efforts, his sickness (mainly pneumonia) is just too much to fight off.  So now, he's in the same room, but transitioned into hospice care.  Monitors, oxygen levels, etc. don't matter anymore.  Our job now is to keep Pepa comfortable and let him know we love him.  Father Derrick and Father Denis (our new priest who will be filling in for Father Derrick while he is on sabbatical) said that we also needed to give him permission to go.  So we did - boy was that hard.

Father Derrick was happy to come up and give the Anointing of the Sick again AND bless their 71 years of marriage.  They are a wonderful example of a great marriage.  Mema walks into the hospital room and if Pepa's been restless or agitated, she holds his hand and lets him know she's there and he calms right down.  They really are a great team.

As of Monday morning, he's still peacefully resting with my mom Linda and his wife Mildred at his side.  Say some prayers for them all if you could - he'll be missed.
Sunday the 5th - what love
December 27th - celebrating Pepa's 95th birthday (in conjunction with Phil and Linda's 49th - hence the "495")
We love you Pepa!

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