Thursday, May 1, 2014

Promise not to talk about this allllll summer...

...but we did our first trip of the season to the zoo yesterday!!! Mommy took all three girls and it went astoundingly well. No crying! MINIMAL running away from Mommy! Only a tiny bit of whining about not getting to do any rides! Just lots of fun and animals and a picnic and playing at the park!!! We'll let the pictures take it from here.

First inaugural duck/goose/fish feeding of the season!
 Excessive goat petting and brushing
 Felicity, begging to be set free from her shackles
 Peacocks roaming freely and showing off
 A.LOT. of pictures of the girls sitting on animal only have to look at one...
...this go round, at least. Because you know we're going back. And you know you're going to be looking at so many, many more zoo pictures for the rest of the summer. Can't wait to get back and start snapping them!

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